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11CM Clickmasters helps you to integrate Affiliate-Products from Amazon, Ebay or other Affiliate Partners into your Wordpress Posts and Pages very easily.

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11CM Clickmaster makes Affiliate Marketing more easy and more efficient

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Why 11CM Clickmaster?

11CM-Feature - Customizing

One 4 All

One single Wordpress-Plugin serving all Affiliate-Systems? Here we go: 11CM Clickmaster! No more wild configuration of a bunch of messy plugins.

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Unbelievable, but true :o, you can use the full set of features as much, as long as you like (just the amount of products is limited).

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No Programming!

No technical know-how, no programming required. 11CM will do the job for you!

11CM-Feature - Templates

Smart Templates

Select from a list of handy templates to display your products in grids or comparing tables

11CM-Feature - Update

Always up to date

11cm will update your product content regularly. You do not have to care about, just stay easy while your revenue is rising.

11CM-Feature - Hussle Free

Products sold out, taken off?

Annoying, when outdated or sold out products leave dead links in your content. NOT with 11CMS! 11CMS will replace dead products with pre-defined 'spare products' automatically.

11CM-Feature - Customizing


You are good in HTML, CSS, Twig or Mustache? Fine! You can start building your own custom templates!

11CM-Feature - SEO

SEO optimized images

Most Plugins will show the remote, oversized Images. 11CM downloads all images, resizes and compresses them ... for optimum PSI Page Speed Performance!

Become a millionaire with affiliate marketing!!

It's not that easy, sorry.
Before you plan your retirement, have a look at our helpful tipps for successful affiliate marketing

our helpful tipps for

successful affiliate marketing

11CM successfull affiliate marketing - Tip 1

Keep Focus

Do not care about technical details too much, keep focus on your unique strengths and use cool tools like 11CM Clickmaster that ease your life.

The Team behind 11CM Clickmaster will support you in any case specially in realizing our tips.
Get in touch, we will help you:

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11CM successfull affiliate marketing - Tip 2


Long time ago you could cheat Google with fancy tricks. That's definitly over.
Like your visitors search engines like Google will only like good so called SEO relevant content!

Sounds sophisticated and actually it is.
That means your job is not done by placing some affiliate products on your Website. You have to write interesting text, ideally you add (self made) images or videos.
Btw. "Interesting Text" not too short, not too long (at least 600 words), is easy to read with short sentences, structured with sections and headers

Ask Google for "how to write seo relevant content" for more advice.

11CM successfull affiliate marketing - Tipp 3

Traffic & Conversion

It goes without saying, but ... no visitors, no clicks, no revenue.

Traffic, the amount of visitors during a period of time can be raised with
  • a legally and technically perfect, a fast and responsive wordpress website
  • excellent SEO content, no pain no gain
  • search egine advertising (SEA, for eg. Google Ads)
  • backlinks, links from other good (relevant) websites to your website
  • social media marketing, create post and links on facebook, instagram, twitter & co.
  • many other tools, depending on what content or service you provide

A good conversion rate is the key to success. The more percent of your visitors click on your affiliate products, the higher is your roi - return on investment.
Many Visitors, but no clicks ... thats really annoying while investing time and money to raise traffic.

Conversion optimization is important, some hints:

  • Measure your conversion rate - you can only optimize what you know - use for eg. Google Analytics and / or Google Ads Conversion Tracking.
  • How many visitors are visiting your posts / pages with affiliate products? If the percentage is low you may add teasers on your start page to lead visitors to these posts / pages.
  • Do the products fit to the content? If not, you should change it.
  • Did you select the best products? Amazon and Ebay will help you with their bestseller lists!
  • Go to next level of optimization and think about how to perform a/b-tests to optimize your performance step by step.

11CM successfull affiliate marketing - Tip 4

Optimize Wordpress

Wordpress is great a real kickstarter even for even for non-web-professionals.

But without the perfect theme, the right plugins and proper optimzation wordpress is slow and not SEO optimized!

Try these tools to check your website performance:

Measures und plugins* to optimize wordpress

  • Before starting any optimization always create a backup! There are plenty plugins you can use to backup and restore your wordpress system.
  • Server optimization - take a look at where you will find advice how to set up your Apache or Nginx system for:
    • browser file caching
    • compress, for eg. with gzip
    • server caching, for eg. with FastCGI Cache when using Nginx
    If you do not have root access to your web server, there are many caching plugins that will do the job you.
    Or ask 11ecom, the provider of the 11CM Clickmaster Tool for advice!
  • The most important plugins you should use:
    • plugin to optimize and compress images
    • SEO plugin to create proper meta tags and structured data
    • caching plugin
    • plugin to minify javascript and stylesheets
    • plugin to optimize wordpress itself - wordpress has overloaded unneeded features you shoud disable
  • Keep wordpress and plugins always up to date
  • Deactivate or deinstall unused plugins
* we do not want to promote any specific plugins. Look for plugins with high download rates, they are a good choice mostly.

If you need any advice or support optimizing your wordpress system - contact 11ecom, the provider of the 11CM Clickmaster System .

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